Moringa Oil For (Hair Care + Skin Care) 100ml 1's?ÿ


Product Name: Moringa Oil For (Hair Care + Skin Care) 100ml 1's?ÿ

Product Form: Oil

Pack Size: 100ml

Manufacturer: Herbyzone Pvt Ltd

Generic Category: Herbal Preparation


  1. It fights dandruff and split ends
  2. It is a natural hair cleanser
  3. As a conditioner
  4. It helps to gain stronger and long hair by delivering vitamins, minerals and proteins to your hair follicles.?ÿMORINGA Beautifying Oil For Skin Care
  5. Nourishing for the skin
  6. Best for Acne
  7. Dark circles
  8. Natural anti-aging benefits
  9. Repairs skin cells,
  10. Remove Wrinkle
  11. Improve skin tightness
  12. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties?ÿWe can also use
  13. In cooking
  14. As a conditioner
  15. Body lotion
  16. Baby oil
  17. Lubricant?ÿMORINGA Oil is Truly Nature's Gift For your Skin

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